I. [vitamin information] :1. Another accident in jiangsu park, the resumption of production of biotin factory was delayed again, biotin has been jumping recently, the market is highly nervous!2. On November 18, the signing ceremony of amino acid biotechnology industrial park was held in daoxian. Sichuan mianzhupeng shenghua co., LTD., jiangsu baisheng longcheng pharmaceutical co., LTD., and sichuan mianzhu jiaxin amino acid factory signed a contract to set up an amino acid biotechnology industrial park in daoxian.The industrial park will be put into use by the end of 2020, with three to four more raw material producers and deep processing companies to be introduced.Released 3.11 brothers on May 22, science and technology, the company to integrate resources, improve the operation efficiency of subsidiary, improve performance and enhance the profitability of the company as a whole, the proposed wholly owned subsidiary of jiangsu brother vitamins co., LTD. (" brother vitamin ") and a wholly owned subsidiary of dafeng brothers pharmaceutical co., LTD. (" dafeng pharmaceutical ") implementation of merger, vitamin as the main body by a wholly owned subsidiary brothers dafeng pharmaceutical absorption merger.Ii. [amino acid information] :1. Methionine: on January 26, enetron announced that the force majeure event of methionine production in Antwerp, Belgium announced on November 12 has been lifted, the temporary interruption of its hydrogen cyanide supply has been resolved, and MetAMINO production has been resumed.2. Valine: some manufacturers raised the market price of feed-grade valine yesterday by 0.8 yuan/kg compared with the previous period. The domestic demand for valine increased with the increase of pork price.3. Tryptophan: the recovery of feed demand at the breeding end is slow, and the growth rate of tryptophan demand in feed is lower than expected.China and the United States have made no significant progress in trade talks, with news that the two sides are still far apart on tax cuts and uncertainty over whether a trade deal will be finalized.Soybean meal prices continue to be weak recently, but at present, the proportion of soybean meal added into feed has reached the highest level. The narrow range fluctuation of soybean meal prices at a relatively high level has limited impact on tryptophan consumption, so we pay attention to the change of terminal tryptophan demand.

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