[trade news] :Today's exchange rate: 1 us dollar =7 RMB, 1 euro =7.7805 RMB【 vitamin information 】 :Ningxia qiyuan pharmaceutical passed the 2019 "three systems" certification audit.Tongliao meihua biotechnology co., LTD. Trehalose project, total investment of 100 million yuan.The project builds a production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons of trehalose.At present, the project is under construction smoothly.[amino acid information] :Methionine: downstream poultry market volatility, poultry seedling cost on the high side, meat and poultry farming still losses, poultry meat prices continue to shock, egg prices stagflation retreat, but poultry afternoon earnings expectations, fill column is still on the rails, pay close attention to market changes, the late methionine demand is expected in the poultry feed preferences.Methionine import manufacturers control the pace of delivery, stable control of the market supply pattern, pay attention to the production and import changes.The anti-dumping ruling on imports of methionine has not been announced yet.The hang seng in anhui province, China, 25000 tons of alanine, valine in the bayinnaoer construction progress of the project: the project started construction in June this year, at present, fermentation, extraction used machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, such as workshop has gradually removed, clean up each tank, IC tower sludge sewage treatment station, MVR equipment foundation design, large equipment membrane filtration, evaporator, crystallizing tank, air compressor, water treatment system has signed the contract, such as boiler retrofit scheme design in the design, based in the casting membrane filtration equipment, laboratory strains of production are for debugging.[information on pharmaceutical raw materials] :Huahai's valsartan API was approved for export to the eu market.Jiangsu lianhuan pharmaceutical innovation and characteristic medicine industrialization project settled in anqing high-tech zone.[breeding, feed, animal protection] :The ministry of agriculture and rural areas has held several meetings to study, deploy and implement the plan and further intensify efforts to ensure stable pig production and supply.Minister han changfu asked that the ministry of agriculture and rural areas and agricultural and rural departments at all levels should adopt a high sense of political responsibility and take multiple measures simultaneously.First, further compaction of local responsibilities;Second, we must ensure that all supporting policies are fully implemented.Three to summarize and promote the emergence of the typical model of rehabilitation and increase;Fourth, we need to work tirelessly to prevent and control African swine fever.

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