Iii. [vitamin information] :1. Vitamin enterprise: the anhydrous glucose applied by shandong tianli pharmaceutical co., ltd. was approved by the drug evaluation center of the state drug administration and supplied to shijiazhuang siyao pharmaceutical co., ltd. with the registration number Y20180000530.Up to now, tianli pharmaceutical has been approved 3 drug varieties, including 2 API varieties (mannitol, anhydrous glucose) and 1 pharmaceutical excipient variety (trehalose).

Iv. [amino acid information] :1. Threonine: the manufacturer's quotation is stable and the market transaction continues to be light.With the market price firm operation, the industry losses have narrowed significantly, some enterprises said that they have entered the profit range, but due to the impact of weak downstream demand, the industry is still operating at a low level.With the decline of threonine prices in the European market, the inversion of lysine hydrochloride has deepened.Domestic farmed end of the feed demand recovery is slow, the overall demand is weak, threonine market fundamentals continue to be weak, the market is still not optimistic about the later expected, concerned about the changes in the production and industry profitability.

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