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COVID-19 is leading to problems in the supply of livestock feeds in parts of India.

With the Indian population in enforced lockdown, a shortage of labor is beginning to negatively affect livestock and poultry production in the northeastern state of Assam.Among the restrictions introduced by the government to control the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the compulsory closure of feed mills, reports Telegraph India. In addition, most retail stores are also shuttered, and transportation is only operating for the delivery of “essential items.”

With so many vital business functions impacted by these measures, farmers are finding supplies of feed are running low. Furthermore, the shortages of labor and transport means much-needed feed cannot be loaded, unloaded and delivered to waiting farms.

According to one source, some smaller feed mills are continuing production. Larger operations may reopen if staff can be found for their operation, and the workers can achieve social distancing — at least two meters between people. In some cases, a lack of curfew passes is an additional hurdle to businesses.

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