As the price of eggs continues to be lower than the cost of laying chicken farms (households) production and management difficulties.

In order to reduce losses, the farms (households) to eliminate layers will be strong.

Monitoring data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs shows that the number of laying hens nationwide has declined, but the reduction in production capacity will continue for some time as the number of laying hens is at a high level.

The oversupply of eggs is expected to improve slowly, but the oversupply of eggs will continue in the near future and egg prices will remain low.

With the continuous effects of egg capacity reduction and the gradual recovery of egg consumption, it is expected that prices will continue to rise in the middle and late third quarter.

In fact, the price drop is far more than eggs, sources point out, including duck eggs, goose eggs, meat chicken duck goose, etc., the whole poultry market, half a year in the low price.

Some analysts believe that in 2019, affected by changes in pig supply, rising pork prices and consumers looking for alternatives, poultry consumption demand will increase and profits will increase, making many poultry producers start to expand production.

A change in market data also confirmed this, with China's poultry output reaching 22.39 million tons in 2019, an increase of 2.45 million tons or 12.3 percent from 2018.

Meanwhile, the national poultry stockpile stood at 6.522 billion at the end of the fourth quarter of 2019, up 485 million from a year earlier.

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