Corn prices are hitting record highs

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CCTV 7 days three report, Hainan corn broke 1.4 yuan, corn import 17 million tons, the first three quarters of an increase of 32,000 corn enterprises

1. CCTV Finance and Economics three times a week to focus on the price of corn

October 18 CCTV finance and economics: corn prices per ton up 1000 yuan!

Expert: The pandemic is not the main cause...

Demand should be the bigger cause of price rises.

October 21 CCTV Finance: Crazy Corn!

Futures prices hit record highs!

Will it continue to soar?

October 23 CCTV finance and Economics: too hot!

High harvest!

The grain brokers couldn't wait for the farmers to get their grain back. They negotiated prices in the fields and harvested it.

2. China has already imported 17 million tons of corn, becoming the second largest importer of corn

China has ordered about 12 million tons of U.S. corn under its approved quota and another 5 million tons from other sources, including Ukraine, according to sources.

In addition, data released by The Chinese Customs on October 23 showed that China imported 6.67 million tons of corn from January to September 2020, which was close to the total annual low tariff quota of 7.2 million tons for the first time, a phenomenon never seen before.

With corn stocks tight, the government is considering granting more low-tariff quotas to buyers, sources said.

The government will check the supply and demand situation in the market and may issue more quotas to replenish national reserves in the future, a source said.

China's corn imports in 2020/21 are already on a par with Japan's, making it the world's second-largest importer after Mexico, which imported 18.3m tonnes.

3. The price of Hainan corn has broken through 1.4 yuan

The price of gold chicken in Zhucheng, Shandong province, has risen to 1.3 yuan, while the highest price in Zhejiang has exceeded 1.34 yuan. The highest price in Hainan province has exceeded 2,800 yuan per ton, or 1.4 yuan.

4. China has a total of 281,000 corn-planting-related enterprises, with an increase of 32,000 in the first three quarters

Data from Qichacha show that there are currently 281,000 corn-plantation-related enterprises in China, among which Heilongjiang province ranks first with 54,000 enterprises, Hebei province and Shandong Province rank second and third respectively, with the eastern three provinces accounting for 30% of the country.

In the past decade, the number of registration of corn-related enterprises in China has fluctuated, with more than 39,000 new enterprises in 2019, up 18% year-on-year.

In the first three quarters of this year, 32,000 new enterprises were registered, up 23.4% year on year, of which 12,000 were registered in the third quarter.

In addition, 55% of enterprises in the whole industry have registered capital of less than 1 million yuan.

Three, the corn field is on fire, nearly 500 mu, the loss of more than 100,000!

At 18:55 on October 20, a fire broke out in Dajailai Village, Shebiya Township, Hohhot and Linger County, covering an area of more than 400 mu and dozens of mu of corn were burned.

According to the measurement, the total fire area was 494.83 mu, among which 91.9 mu of corn was burned and 21.6 mu of forage grass was cultivated, and the remaining 404.93 mu was corn straw.

No one was injured in the fire.

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