The "five signs" guide the direction of CITIC's human resources strategy

Our mission is to serve the global feed industry, to become a reliable professional choline chloride suppliers, let us work together to integrate our products and services with your company.

The Paradise of Flying Dreams. 

Citic fully implements strategic human resources management. The main achievements made in the past two years and in the future are not only how much our scale, sales, and profits have increased, but most importantly, we have introduced and will introduce a large number of existing good educational backgrounds.It also has outstanding talents with rich practical experience, which gives Citic the confidence, strategy, and ability to deal with global challenges, and provides a guarantee for the internationalization of Citic and the future development of Citic. And Citic's rapid growth in the future will provide many people with good opportunities and space for development. 

Citic is a "sky", will be as broad as the mind, to absorb people of insight to join; Citic is a "sky" and will provide you with a broad space for elites to give full play to their talents with the flexible mechanism of private enterprises, create a career platform for you to realize your best value, and become a paradise for releasing your dreams. So that every employee can grow and progress in Shibao. 

Always build a green channel for you. 

Employees are the strategic partners and important resources of the enterprise, only to find the combination of employees and enterprise needs, to meet the needs and hopes of both sides, to achieve common development, to achieve win-win, win-win is the ultimate goal. Citic's human resources department has an important task: pay close attention to talents all the time, and no matter what problems they have, they have the responsibility to help them. What CITIC has to do is to build a green channel and advocate a "barrier-free" way of working. Let everyone feel free from obstacles every step of the way after entering the company.And Citic people will be respected in society, because while Citic returns to society, all Citic people will come together to bring together what others think is impossible or impossible, which will all be realized in the hands of all of us. 

Try all beneficial forms of cooperation. 

Citic implements the joint growth plan of employees and enterprises, has flexible mechanisms and employment policies, has a clear target responsibility assessment system of rewards and penalties, and has excellent staff incentive plans, reasonable suggestions, common growth plans, and so on.Citic is willing to try all the cooperative ways and behaviors that are conducive to the common growth of employees and enterprises. Citic's goal is to create opportunities for everyone, to achieve everyone's career, to release everyone's dreams.Work together to achieve Citic and personal careers. 

Developing talents on the basis of introduction. 

Citic pays attention to the development and training of talents and "tailor" everyone's career to all talents. 

You want to become a well-known professional manager at home and abroad. In the process of growing up, CITIC will provide all-round opportunities for exercise, promotion and development, including withstanding the test of "challenging the limit", such as increasing the scope of your responsibilities. In charge of bigger work, facing more senior customers, etc., let you unwittingly take on the job requirements of a higher position, discover the potential you have never realized before, and strive to help you realize your dreams. 

Constantly revise your career plan. 

Citic has established a sound, scientific and fair performance evaluation system. Combined with the employee's own future development direction and requirements, the human resources department will discuss his career plan with the employee or with the employee's direct boss. So that every employee can get the real meaning of development and growth.The Human Resources Department takes a long time each year to conduct an "assessment of human resources and organizational structure," which combines the individual development goals of employees with the development strategy of the company. And according to the company's development goals and the company's development strategy to evaluate the existing organizational structure, in order to determine the personal development plan of employees. 

I believe that everyone can realize their ideals and dreams in Citic!

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